Why is All of This Important?

Angola Capital City, Luanda

Luanda, Angolan Capital City

We live in a society where we only see, hear, and learn about our own. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with learning about ourselves, we are at a great dis-service to exclude ourselves from other cultures. Yea, we hear this from our parents when we’re young or perhaps a teacher that we should accept all cultures. But as we get older and begin “real life” we forget. We assume we are mature enough to recognize that someone looks different or sounds different from us and we are all equal and…go team yea!

But when we say things like ‘I want to go to Africa someday’ or a host of other cliches shows that we have no interest, no real interest anyway in what is going on in the continent. Think about it. If someone says ‘I would love to visit North America some day’. What would be the next question? ‘Where in North America, what country do you want to visit?’

The world has become smaller to us with all of the social media and tablets, WiFi, and Google+. So why haven’t we become more intelligent about our neighbors on the ‘Dark Continent’? I suppose it’s because here in America, we are not directly affected by what goes on in African countries. Our economy, technological advances, arts, nothing it seems is affected. But it’s not because these 54 countries have nothing to offer us or anyone else across the globe. We assume we have everything that we need.

Our culture can only be enriched by gaining knowledge of other cultures. It’s time we change our perceptions and give our young people a much more broad and open view of the world.