Africa is Not a Country

Africa is not a countryIt sounds funny to say  ‘Africa is not a country’. But it’s amazing how many times the 54 countries of the African continent are referred to as one unit. I think to get over  this perception that the entire continent is exactly the same must be overcome with education.

So sure, we can get bits of information from Al Jazeera News or Wikipedia. Perhaps we could scroll the State Departments site or any other political conglomerate, but it seems that having to fish for biased information adds to the confusion. Wouldn’t it just be easier to refer to the continent and it’s states as a whole?

I would love to bring our culture out of the ‘Dark Ages’. I would love to experience a culture where all cultures across the globe were equally recognized and weren’t held under some microscope and treated as a sub-species.

We as a culture can only become richer for our efforts and the generations to come after us can only benefit.